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Design concept

The highest design concept: to meet the needs of users with the most comfortable load conditions, the use of scientific and optimized means to achieve maximum savings in energy conservation.

  • According to customer requirements, tailor-made the most economical, high-performance, the most reasonable solution;
  • Professional design software with rich experience in the dynamic design;
  • Scientific, rigorous calculation methods to ensure that the system hydraulic conditions, thermal conditions reasonable, the best match;
  • Industry forward-looking, reasonable, strict and correct choice of unit components to ensure excellent performance;
  • And strive to environmental protection and energy conservation;
  • Strict implementation of the unit production quality assurance system to ensure product quality;
  • Complete installation manual;

Product advantages

  • High thermal efficiency, small thermal resistance, energy efficient, low operating costs.
  • Optimized design, compact structure, small footprint, saving infrastructure investment.
  • Design is simple, improve work efficiency.
  • Intelligent, high degree of automation, on-demand set, remote and local control can be achieved, easy to centralized management.
  • Advanced design concept, pay more attention to environmental protection, energy saving.
  • Life water unit with a unique design, under the premise of constant temperature water supply, to maximize the formation of scale to ensure efficient operation of the system.
  • Advanced manufacturing equipment, first-class manufacturing process to ensure product quality.
  • Advanced coating equipment, strict process requirements to ensure that the appearance of the product quality.
  • Modular design, flexible selection, easy control of pipeline management, the use of rest assured.
  • Installation and commissioning convenient, fast.
  • Under normal operating conditions, the service life is more than 15 years.