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The product gas problem in the heating system

System gas causes:

  1. 1, after the end of the heating season does not take full water maintenance but emptying, leading to the beginning of the next heating season pipeline gas gathering.
  2. 2, dissolved gases in water is the main reason for gas infiltration system.
  3. 3, water and replenishment process, a lot of gas will be brought into the system.

System build-up effects:

1, the system corrosion

  • Pipeline leaks
  • Pipe clogging
  • The system components were severely damaged
  • The dirt causes the plate to change the thermal efficiency
  • Increase the amount of suspended solids to reduce heat transfer capacity
  • After the increase of PM2.5 pollution sources

2, product gas phenomenon

  • Gas block plug
  • Cavitation bubble to reduce pump life
  • Reduce heat transfer efficiency
  • The gas is gathered in the radiator to affect the heating
  • Pipe noise

Lead to results

  • Heating is affected
  • Maintenance maintenance management costs rise
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Can not effectively implement the heating metering
  • Increased environmental burden

Ruifu Lai "pipe network self-cleaning" products and technology, effectively separated and discharged from the system of media in the gas and suspended dirt, eliminating the gas caused by the work of the various problems will affect or even destroy a single device device function phenomenon. Can effectively prevent the overall operation of the equipment system failure, improve the quality of the system media, while greatly improving the heat transfer and cooling efficiency, to maximize the energy efficiency.

After years of experimental certification, in the heating system to install "pipe network self-cleaning equipment", a pipe network to save energy consumption in more than 15%; secondary pipe network to save energy in more than 18%; to help users save the operation The cost of the same time to achieve the true sense of energy saving and environmental protection.