After-sale service

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1、Of all equipment delivery and customer service service personnel to the user site, first attention to the installation personnel installed equipment explanation and technical clarification; equipment installation is completed to the operating personnel, maintenance personnel and equipment management personnel to conduct a comprehensive training to every worker can operate independently, the proper use of equipment maintenance. The personnel can solve all kinds of fault.

2 、Provide the necessary wearing parts free of charge during the warranty period. In order to reduce the burden on users, the company reserves the damaged parts for a long time, and provides the equipment for a long time at a low cost (after the warranty period is paid).

3、The company regularly assist users on the operation of the product performance testing, and guide the completion of plate heat exchanger cleaning, water pump maintenance activities.

4 、received the quality problems reflected by the user, to ensure that within 1 hours of processing advice, such as on-site processing, after-sales service personnel within 2 hours of response, 4 hours to the scene, service.

5 Carry out on-site service evaluation system and user feedback system, regular users of product return, send service personnel to hold the "customer satisfaction survey" and "site service evaluation book", after the end of the work by the user to make on-site service evaluation, in order to improve product quality and customer service service for our reference.