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1、 In the contract equipment on-site installation, commissioning, operation, performance assessment and equipment acceptance period, our company will send qualified technical personnel to the scene to provide technical services to the owners. Including detailed technical explanations, drawings, processes, operating procedures, equipment performance and related matters of concern, etc., to answer the technical problems raised by the owners within the scope of the contract, and make necessary demonstrations.

2、Contract equipment installation in place, according to the owner of the design units according to the construction drawings and technical documents we provide and installation and commissioning instructions, in the field of service technical personnel under the guidance of.

3、The performance test, trial operation and acceptance of the contract equipment shall be carried out in accordance with the standards, procedures and specifications prescribed in the technical specifications and the test protocols agreed upon by both parties.

4、after the completion of the contract equipment installation and commissioning, both parties shall check and confirm the installation and commissioning work, and sign the certificate of installation and commissioning, 2 copies, each holding 1 copies.

5、The acceptance time of the equipment is 1 months after the completion of the installation, commissioning and commissioning. In the meantime, if specified in the technical specification of all the functions and technical requirements of the contract equipment have reached the requirements of the contract, and the continuous and stable operation of 168 hours, acceptance certificate shall be signed by both parties of the contract equipment. The certificate consists of 2 copies, each of which holds 1 copies. The certificate of acceptance includes:

(1) acceptance of engineering scope

(2)the date of completion of the acceptance of the project

(3) engineering quality evaluation

(4) the residual problem must be settled before the final acceptance visa

6、we will designate a person as site representative, responsible for technical services within the scope of the contract and related works, and cooperate with the owners representatives, together to solve technical problems within the scope of the contract.